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European fine dining meets levantine inspiration, exceptional wines, urban and intimate atmosphere


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our sharing menu allows you to try the full 8 course menu in four courses. More dishes to try more stories to go around the table.


Gal Ben Moshes prism breaks - like a prism the light - the perspective on the kitchens of the Middle East several times. Raised in Tel Aviv, Gal Ben Moshe has been familiar with the flavours of the Levant since childhood. It was only in Berlin that he rediscovered the spices and smells of this cuisine: through immigrants from Syria, who in recent years have opened shops and restaurants primarily in the Sonnenallee in Neukölln, reconstructing the authenticity of their home in Berlin and thus conceiving it in a new and different way. Inspired by an Islamic scholar friend of hers, Gal Ben Moshe also explored the lost traditions of medieval cuisine in these regions.   

But prism draws its inspiration not only from the Levant or from the extended Middle Eastern region, but also from Central European and Scandinavian cuisine when it leads to meaningful culinary contexts. The reconciliation of strong spice contrasts with harmonious tastes and sometimes palatable flavours is one such stylistic device that can be associated with classic French cuisine. At the level of cooking techniques, Gal Ben Moshe similarly integrates simple and advanced methods, using fermentation and open fire as well as molecular elements. The result of a sous vide cooking process and subsequent grilling over charcoal is as precise as it is rustic. For Gal Ben Moshe, reinventing Middle Eastern cuisine also means rediscovering ingredients that have been known for a long time but are sometimes forgotten - such as Armenian cucumber or Jameed, the Arabic cheese.






Casual hospitality has been Jacqueline's top priority ever since her training in classic hotels. Her professionalism, human warmth and attention are an important part of the unique atmosphere at prism. 

Jacqueline is ranked by the trade press as one of Germany's top 50 sommeliers and has personally selected every single wine from the 230 positions on the menu. She is looking forward to supporting you in choosing the right wine for your menu or to inspiring you with the perfectly coordinated wine pairings.



Gal Ben Moshe started his culinary career under great chefs such as Jason Atherton, Marcus Wareing and Grant Achatz before moving to Berlin in 2012 to open his restaurant GLASS.

There he was awarded 16 points in the Gault&MiIllau and for his master craftsmanship as well as for his unique cuisine was nominated for the Berlin Master Chef Award.

At prism he now wants more and creates an exciting and dynamic culinary experience for his guests.



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"The beautifully coarse Tatar of the Yellowfin Tuna lies on a line of black sesame with purslane, the accents are set by Jameed, a dried yoghurt reminiscent of Parmesan, as well as sour okra seeds - maximum score for balance, seasoning, creativity, products, appearance...".

Bernd Matthies

3 Gabeln / 90 Punkte

3 Gabeln / 90 Punkte

"The desserts set another highlight. First intensive olive oil with exciting saltiness, then softened by mandarin and chamomile, challenges the palate. Afterwards figs with camel milk and wheat provide for a relaxed and pleasant conclusion. Here a crunch, there a cooling moment and then again a new, surprising texture. Never boredom."

Peter Eichorn

5/5 Punkte

5/5 Punkte

"So is Prism the finest of the city's new Arab-Israeli restaurants? Or is it Berlin's fine-dining address with its widely travelled flavors?

Clemens Niedenthal